The Pools

Hello everyone, welcome to another year of the Superbowl pools. There are 5 pools to choose from. They are listed below. Click on the pool name to get more information and buy squares:

Name Square First Half Third Final Squares Left
Second Chance Pool20200500300100078
Facebook Friends Pool X1010025015050085
High Rollers Pool505001250750250072
Third Chance Pool2005000150092
Winner Take All500050079

How to determine the winners

How the Squares are Selected

This section is for those who might be interested in the process that is used to determine all the numbers.  The list below shows a linked file and the description of that file from previous pools.

Names.25.txt Sample input file from previous years.
Log.25.txt Sample output file from previous years.
main.css This is the messy Cascading Style Sheet file used to style the HTML pages.

With this pool I am not promoting gambling, just trying to add a little extra rooting interest for the game.  If there are any problems that come up with the legality of this, it will be shut down and the money returned.  Once again, this is not for profit, just something being provided for friends, family, and fellow fans of UConn and Syracuse basketball and football.